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  1. Anaerobic fungus–methanogen co-cultures from rumen liquids and faeces can degrade lignocellulose efficiently. In this study, 31 fungus–methanogen co-cultures were first obtained from the rumen of yaks grazing ...

    Authors: Yaqin Wei, Hui Yang, Zhiye Wang, Jiang Zhao, Hongshan Qi, Chuan Wang, Jingrong Zhang and Tao Yang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:123
  2. The search and discovery of new natural products with antifeedant and larvicidal potentials to mitigate harmful insects are scientific pressing issues in the modern agriculture. In this paper, the antifeedant ...

    Authors: Magdia A. Hazaa, Magdy M. Shebl, El-Sayed R. El-Sayed, Samar R. Mahmoud, Abeer A. Khattab and Mahmoud M. Amer
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:120
  3. The high cost of cellulase is one of the main obstacles hindering the large-scale biorefining of lignocellulosic biomass. Therefore, developing efficient method for preparation of cellulase is promising. In th...

    Authors: Cha Cao, Zuohua Zhu, Chao Xu, Wenbing Gong, Yingjun Zhou, Li Yan, Zhenxiu Hu, Chunliang Xie and Yuande Peng
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:119
  4. The current study is aimed to evaluate the effect of host-specific probiotics on the gut microbiome, performance, and select fecal biomarkers of gut health in preruminant buffalo calves. Eight Murrah buffalo c...

    Authors: Vinay Venkatesh Varada, Sachin Kumar, Supriya Chhotaray and Amrish Kumar Tyagi
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:118
  5. Contaminated surfaces are vehicles for the spread of infectious disease-causing microorganisms. A strategy to prevent their spread is applying antimicrobial coatings to surfaces. Both nanostructured anatase ru...

    Authors: Alibe Wasa, Jack Aitken, Hyunwoo Jun, Catherine Bishop, Susan Krumdieck, William Godsoe and Jack A. Heinemann
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:117
  6. In this paper, gamma-irradiation was successfully used to intensify the yield of Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnONPs) produced by the fungus Alternaria tenuissima as a sustainable and green process. The obtained dat...

    Authors: Mervat M. Anwar, Sanaa S. H. Aly, Essam H. Nasr and El-Sayed R. El-Sayed
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:116
  7. β-1,3/1,6-glucan as a prebiotic improves immune performance in animals. These functions are closely related to the effect of β-1,3/1,6-glucan on gut microbiota structure. However, the effect of β-1,3/1,6-gluca...

    Authors: Jingge Wang, Zibin Zheng, Hua Yang, Jie Chen, Yingping Xiao, Xiaofeng Ji, Zhenming Zhang, Hailian He, Baoan Ding and Biao Tang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:115
  8. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)-induced gastric inflammation in the gastric mucosa and significantly increases the risk of developing gastritis and peptic ulcer disease (PUD). The objective of this research is to...

    Authors: Ghorbanali Rahimian, Milad Shahini Shams Abadi, Yousef Mirzaei, Ali Hussein Mer, Reza Ahmadi and Fatemeh Azadegan-Dehkordi
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:113
  9. COVID-19 currently is the main cause of the severe acute respiratory disease and fatal outcomes in human beings worldwide. Several genes are used as targets for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, including the RDRP,...

    Authors: Reza Valadan, Soheila Golchin, Reza Alizadeh-Navaei, Mohammadreza Haghshenas, Mehryar Zargari, Tahoora Mousavi and Mohammad Ghamati
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:112
  10. Fewer studies in recent years have been conducted on the nutritional potential and fermentation quality of silage prepared from pomegranate leaves (PL). So, we investigated the nutritional-fermentation quality...

    Authors: Mohsen Kazemi, Reza Valizadeh and Elias Ibrahimi Khoram Abadi
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:111
  11. Natural soil has the ability to suppress the soil-borne pathogen to a certain extent, and the assemblage of soil microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining such ability. Long-term monoculture accelerates t...

    Authors: Xiaojiao Liu, Liehua Liu, Jie Gong, Lixin Zhang, Qipeng Jiang, Kuo Huang and Wei Ding
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:110
  12. Hazelnut is one of the most important nut plants recently suggested as a sustainable source for paclitaxel. In the present study, the effect of the concentration and combination of PGRs, different basal medium...

    Authors: Roghayyeh Hazrati, Nasser Zare, Rasool Asghari-Zakaria, Parisa Sheikhzadeh and Mohammad Johari-Ahar
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:109
  13. Antimicrobial alternatives such as nanoparticles are critically required to tackle bacterial infections, especially with the emerging threat of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, this study aimed to biosynthesi...

    Authors: Nouran Rezk, Abdallah S. Abdelsattar, Salsabil Makky, Assmaa H. Hussein, Azza G. Kamel and Ayman El-Shibiny
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:108
  14. Determination of the viability, ratio of dead and live cell populations, of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius is still being done by tedious and material-intensive plating assays that can only provide time-lagged results...

    Authors: Kerstin Rastädter, Andrea Tramontano, David J. Wurm, Oliver Spadiut and Julian Quehenberger
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:107
  15. Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2), a key regulator of osteogenesis, induces the differentiation of mesenchymal cells into cartilage or bone tissues. Early orthopedic and dental studies o...

    Authors: Nam-Hyun Kim, Seon-Kyong Jung, Juno Lee, Pahn-Shick Chang and Seung-Hoon Kang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:106
  16. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) is a highly demanded pharmaceutical steroid widely used in medicine. An ascomycete Gibberella zeae VKM F-2600 is capable of producing UDCA by 7β-hydroxylation of lithocholic acid (LCA)...

    Authors: Vyacheslav Kollerov and Marina Donova
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:105
  17. Acinetobacter baumannii is an important opportunistic pathogen, and the cause of nosocomial infections worldwide in recent decades. Efflux pumps are considered as the important causes of multidrug resistance of A...

    Authors: Ebrahim Rafiei, Milad Shahini Shams Abadi, Behnam Zamanzad and Abolfazl Gholipour
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:103
  18. This study aims to produce, characterize, and assess the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of polymer blends based on chitosan (CT) and fish collagen (COL) produced by different precipitation methods. Po...

    Authors: Andressa Coelho Ferreira, Maria Rosa Quaresma Bomfim, Carlos Henrique de Barros da Costa Sobrinho, Daniela Talissa Lobo Boaz, Railane Da Silva Lira, Valéria Costa Fontes, Mariana Oliveira Arruda, Patrícia Maria Wiziack Zago, Carlos Alberto Alves Dias Filho, Carlos José Moraes Dias, Marilene Oliveira da Rocha Borges, Rachel Melo Ribeiro, Cícero Wellington Brito Bezerra and Rosiane Silva Penha
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:102
  19. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria are a type of beneficial bacteria which inhabit in the rhizosphere and possess the abilities to promote plant growth. Pseudomonas putida LWPZF is a plant growth-promoting bact...

    Authors: Tingting Jin, Jiahong Ren, Yunling Li, Bianxia Bai, Ruixiang Liu and Ying Wang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:101
  20. The Gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium Serratia marcescens is an opportunistic pathogen of many organisms, including insects. We report the identification and optimal in vitro chitinase production conditions of a...

    Authors: Aili Tao, Tan Wang, Fahu Pang, Xueling Zheng, Camilo Ayra-Pardo, Siliang Huang, Ruxin Xu, Fengqin Liu, Jiakang Li, Yibin Wei, Zhiqing Wang, Qiuhong Niu and Dandan Li
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:100
  21. Macroalgal surface constitutes a peculiar ecological niche and an advantageous substratum for microorganisms able to degrade the wide diversity of algal glycans. The degrading enzymatic activities of macroalga...

    Authors: Marta Barbato, Violetta Vacchini, Aschwin H. Engelen, Giovanni Patania, Francesca Mapelli, Sara Borin and Elena Crotti
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:98
  22. As a group of green biocatalysts, fungal laccases have aroused great interest in diverse biotechnological fields. Therein, yellow laccase has advantages over blue laccase in catalytic performance, but it is no...

    Authors: Qingjing Cen, Xiaodan Wu, Leipeng Cao, Yanjuan Lu, Xuan Lu, Jianwen Chen, Guiming Fu, Yuhuan Liu and Roger Ruan
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:96
  23. Recombinant production of mussel foot proteins among marine-inspired proteinaceous adhesive materials has been attracted high attention for medical applications, due to their exceptional versatility potential ...

    Authors: Keyvan Shahryarimorad, Atefeh Alipour, Yousof Saeedi Honar, Behrouz Abtahi, Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar and Hosein Shahsavarani
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:94
  24. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) can attenuate the adverse effects of water deficit on plant growth. Since drought stress tolerance of bacteria has earlier been associated to biofilm formation, we a...

    Authors: Esmaeil Karimi, Nasser Aliasgharzad, Ezatollah Esfandiari, Mohammad Bagher Hassanpouraghdam, Thomas R. Neu, François Buscot, Thomas Reitz, Claudia Breitkreuz and Mika T. Tarkka
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:93
  25. Vegetative insecticidal proteins 3A (Vip3A) were important insecticidal proteins for control of lepidopteran pests. Previous study demonstrated that Vip3Aa and Vip3Ad showed significant difference in insectici...

    Authors: Bai-Wen Fu, Lian Xu, Mei-Xia Zheng, Qing-Xi Chen, Yan Shi and Yu-Jing Zhu
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:92
  26. Trichosporon asahii is a pathogenic fungus that causes deep-seated fungal infections in immunocompromised patients. Established methods for generating gene-deficient T. asahii mutants exist, but the frequency of ...

    Authors: Yasuhiko Matsumoto, Tae Nagamachi, Asami Yoshikawa, Tsuyoshi Yamada and Takashi Sugita
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:91
  27. Mucic acid, a diacid with potential use in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, can be produced by microbial conversion of D-galacturonic acid, which is abundant in pectin. Using the ambr®2...

    Authors: Anu Tamminen, Rosaliina Turunen, Dorothee Barth, Virve Vidgren and Marilyn G. Wiebe
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:90
  28. Klebsiella pneumoniae infection and antimicrobial resistance among children are major concerns. The occurrence of hypervirulent K. pneumoniae (hvKp) infections is gradually increasing worldwide, and disinfectant ...

    Authors: Zhengjiang Jin, Zhenhui Wang, Lin Gong, Lu Yi, Nian Liu, Lan Luo and Wenting Gong
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:89
  29. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural biopolymer that has important physiological and industrial applications due to its viscoelastic and hydrophilic characteristics. The responsible enzyme for HA production is Hy...

    Authors: Fatemeh Sadat Amjad Zanjani, Shadi Afrasiabi, Dariush Norouzian, Gholamreza Ahmadian, Sara Ali Hosseinzadeh, Alireza Fayazi Barjin, Reza Ahangari Cohan and Malihe Keramati
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:88
  30. Authors: Fabiana de Almeida Araújo Santos, Edson Campos Valadares Junior, Luiz Ricardo Goulart, Pedro Lucas Figueiredo Nunes, Eliane Pereira Mendonca, Lucio Vilela Carneiro Girao, Aline Santana da Hora, Thatiana Bragine Ferreira, Luciana Machado Bastos, Alessandra Aparecida Medeiros‑Ronchi and Belchiolina Beatriz Fonseca
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:87

    The original article was published in AMB Express 2022 12:64

  31. The significance of Akkermansia bacteria presence in gut micobiome, mainly Akkermansia mucinifila, is currently being investigated in the context of supporting therapy and marker for response to immunotherapy in ...

    Authors: Anna Grenda, Ewelina Iwan, Izabela Chmielewska, Paweł Krawczyk, Aleksandra Giza, Arkadiusz Bomba, Małgorzata Frąk, Anna Rolska, Michał Szczyrek, Robert Kieszko, Tomasz Kucharczyk, Bożena Jarosz, Dariusz Wasyl and Janusz Milanowski
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:86
  32. The emergence of drug-resistant strains of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) has challenged tuberculosis control programs. So far, few studies using the 24-locus mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit vari...

    Authors: Pejman Bakhtiyariniya, Azar Dokht Khosravi, Mohammad Hashemzadeh and Mohammad Savari
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:85
  33. For decades, Lactobacillus has been extensively used as beneficial probiotics because it positively effects on the intestinal health of the host and has been studying its possible serve to treat obesity as well a...

    Authors: Sangdon Ryu, Hyunjin Kyoung, Kyeong Il Park, Sangnam Oh, Minho Song and Younghoon Kim
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:83
  34. Diseases outbreaks in pond aquaculture have resulted in huge losses to the aquaculture industry. The emergence of non-antimicrobial and environment friendly agents (probiotics) is the potential consideration f...

    Authors: Sardar Ali, Jianmin Xie, Sahib Zada, Zhong Hu, Yueling Zhang, Runlin Cai and Hui Wang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:82
  35. This study investigated the degradation characteristics of different biodegradable film and its effects on soil nutrients in tillage layer, growth and development of taro and yield formation. Field experiment wit...

    Authors: An Wang, Qingtao Chang, Chunsheng Chen, Xiaoquan Zhong, Kexiang Yuan, Meihua Yang and Wei Wu
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:81
  36. Adenovirus belongs to the family of Adenoviridae. As a vaccine carrier, it has high safety and stimulates the body to produce cellular immunity and humoral immunity. This study prepared an adenoviral vector-sp...

    Authors: Yi Cheng, Yanxia Hao, Fuxiang Bao, Huimin Zhang, Yanlong Liu, Kexin Ao, Shan Fu, Qiyao Wu and Zhi Wang
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:80
  37. Higher alcohols (HAs) are abundant compounds that provide important flavors in Huangjiu, but they also cause hangover. Previous studies have shown the production of HAs to be related to yeast, but the correlat...

    Authors: Yi Yan, Leping Sun, Xuan Xing, Huijun Wu, Xin Lu, Wei Zhang, Jialiang Xu and Qing Ren
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:79
  38. Leishmaniasis is one of the common diseases transmitted by sand flies in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Currently, antimonial derivatives are the first line of treatment. Some of the members of...

    Authors: Mohammad Javad Boozhmehrani, Gilda Eslami, Ali Khamesipour, Abbas Ali Jafari, Mahmood Vakili, Saeedeh Sadat Hosseini and Vahideh Askari
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:78
  39. Infectious diseases are the most important cause of death worldwide. Many of these diseases show great resistance to drugs and antibiotics with long-term use. Extracts of some medicinal plants have antimicrobi...

    Authors: Sohier M. Syame, Samy M. Mohamed, E. A. Elgabry, Yousof A. A. Darwish and Asmaa S. Mansour
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:77
  40. Canine parvovirus-2 (CPV-2) infection causes serious multisystemic disease in dogs and many animal species worldwide. Previously, a monoclonal antibody (MAb) of CPV-2, 10H4, showed high neutralizing activity a...

    Authors: Lixuan Zhou, Hongchao Wu, Mengmeng Du, Huanhuan Song, Ningning Huo, Xiao Chen, Xiaorui Su, Weiguo Li, Lulu Wang, Jie Wang, Baicheng Huang, Feifei Tan and Kegong Tian
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:76
  41. Dental caries and oral infections have become a widespread issue in the modern world. This study aimed to investigate the antibacterial, antifungal, and cytotoxicity characteristics of the extracts of Echinacea p...

    Authors: Mohsen Yazdanian, Pouya Rostamzadeh, Mostafa Alam, Kamyar Abbasi, Elahe Tahmasebi, Hamid Tebyaniyan, Reza Ranjbar, Alexander Seifalian, Mehrdad Moosazadeh Moghaddam and Majid Balaei Kahnamoei
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:75
  42. It is currently unclear whether the mechanism of endophytic fungi improving the alkali tolerance of Hordeum bogdanii affects secondary metabolites. Unveiling this knowledge is crucial for understanding the tolera...

    Authors: Dan Han, Kai Wang, Feng Long, Wangbin Zhang, Xiang Yao and Shuihong Chen
    Citation: AMB Express 2022 12:73

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AMBE is a high-quality Open Access journal that brings together research in the area of Applied and Industrial Microbiology with a particular interest in 'White Biotechnology' and 'Red Biotechnology'. The emphasis is on processes employing microorganisms, eukaryotic cell cultures or enzymes for the biosynthesis, transformation and degradation of compounds. This includes fine and bulk chemicals, polymeric compounds and enzymes or other proteins. Downstream processes are also considered. Integrated processes combining biochemical and chemical processes are also published.
Reports on the use of new procedures or tools in a clinical setting are only considered for publication if microorganisms, viruses, enzymes or other proteins from microorganisms or metabolites of microorganisms are involved as crucial and central part of the new procedure or tool.

The journal Impact Factor (2022) is 3.7, and it received over a million article downloads in 2023.

The current Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Alexander Steinbüchel, will conclude his term of office in December 2024, and we are looking to recruit a successor who would start working in early autumn 2024 with a gradual handover of duties from the current editor and become fully installed as of January 2025.
The appointment will be for a three-year term and includes an annual editorial stipend. The position is open to highly regarded experts in applied microbiology with international recognition and proven scientific leadership in a renowned academic or research institution. 

Candidates should have a PhD or equivalent degree and be able to demonstrate a strong research and publication record. Prior experience in peer-review activities and other editorial functions is highly desirable. We are searching for a motivated and enthusiastic scientist with a vision of growing and developing the journal to serve the scientific community even better.

Responsibilities include working alongside the Associate Editors to manage the peer review of manuscripts under consideration by the journal, closely collaborating with the publisher to select Editors and the Editorial Board, and commissioning submissions in areas of interest and scope. The Editor-in-Chief will work routinely with Springer Nature on journal development with the goal of furthering the journal’s impact and reach.

Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief include:
●    Working in consultation with the Journal Editors or other Editors that may be appointed, the Editor-in-Chief will exercise control of the editorial development and editorial content of the journal and oversees the application of high editorial standards to all published contributions. 

●    Supplying the Publisher with refereed and accepted manuscripts and other editorial material, prepared in accordance with the guidelines to authors.

●    In consultation with Publisher, selecting Editors and an Editorial Board that provides both international representation and diverse expertise.

●    Soliciting high quality reviews and other commissioned content on topics of interest.

●    If they desire, to periodically select Guest Editors who shall be responsible for soliciting and acquiring manuscript for topical collections.

●    To use their best efforts to promote and to assist the Publisher in promoting the journal at relevant meetings, online and within the appropriate scientific communities.

●    Checking the content of the journal with a view to ensuring that there are no material infringing editorial policies. They will also promptly inform the Publisher of any resulting issues, and be available to discuss and support resulting issues.

●    Supporting ongoing diversity and inclusion goals in helping to ensure the journal is reflective of the global community that it serves.

●    Adhering to standards of editorial good practice, as defined in the Publisher’s Code of Conduct for Editors-in-Chief. The Code is based on guidelines and best practice recommendations issued by organizations such as the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

●    Participating in Springer Nature’s Transfer Service by offering the transfer option, where appropriate, to authors whose manuscripts have been rejected from the journal, and considering manuscripts received by through the Transfer Service. 

●    Participating in regular meetings with the Publisher as well as an Annual Editorial Board meeting, to discuss the ongoing development of the journal and to set and accomplish journal development goals.

All applications should be sent to Barbara Zöhrer, Senior Publisher, at by 15 May 2024.

Candidates should include the following documents with their formal application:
•    Cover letter (max. 2 pages) summarizing their qualifications and motivation, including an explanation why they consider themselves suitable for the position. 
•    Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages) including relevant publications and achievements.
•    Vision statement (max. 3 pages) addressing the following points:
-    Analysis of the current situation of AMB Express
-    Vision and strategy for further enhancing the journal through editorial aspects
-    Strategy on encouraging and building a supportive and inclusive culture based on the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Editorial Board.