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Featured article: Transport of Hepatitis C virus envelope protein E2 is regulated by its intracellular association with cellular CD81

This study provides evidences that HCV envelope protein E2 transport is regulated by its intracellular association with cellular CD81. The validation of a CD81-regulated transport of HCV E2 to the plasma membrane can further contribute to elucidate understudied aspects of HCV biology such as the biogenesis of infectious HCV-genome containing exosomes present in patients’ serum. (Picture credit: Bruce Blaus on Wikimedia Commons)


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Featured article: Winemaking performance of new biotechnology involving Lachancea and Schizosaccharomyces genera in wine production

This study researched the winemaking performance of new biotechnology involving the cooperation of Lachancea and Schizosaccharomyces genera in the production of wine. Wines made from a combination of L. thermotolerans and S. pombe showed the highest overall impression and were preferred by the tasters due to the balance between mouthfeel properties and acidity. (Photo by from Pexels)

Aims and scope

AMB Express is a high quality journal that brings together research in the area of Applied and Industrial Microbiology with a particular interest in 'White Biotechnology' and 'Red Biotechnology'. The emphasis is on processes employing microorganisms, eukaryotic cell cultures or enzymes for the biosynthesis, transformation and degradation of compounds. This includes fine and bulk chemicals, polymeric compounds and enzymes or other proteins. Downstream processes are also considered. Integrated processes combining biochemical and chemical processes are also published.

Alexander Steinbüchel

Editor's quote

The high quality journal, AMB Express, was founded as a fully open access sister journal to Applied Microbiology and Technology about 6 years ago. Since then, the journal has become well-known to authors and reviewers whilst steadily growing. This year, we already have more than 400,000 downloads. Meanwhile, AMB Express has had several achievements: following indexing by ISI, it has since received two consecutive Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Impact Factors. These Impact Factors were unexpectedly high, and we are very confident that they will continue to grow. What is, however, most important is that not only the number of manuscripts is increasing, but also their volume and the quality of their contents. The editors of AMB Express, the managing editor and I, will ensure that the journal’s performance and the quality of the published papers will continue to improve and that more excellent and highly cited papers will be published in AMB Express. Papers devoted to ‘Industrial Microbiology’ and with a particular interest in ‘White and Red Biotechnology’ are highly welcome; this also includes short papers in which important achievements are communicated.

Alexander Steinbüchel, Editor-in-Chief
(October 2018)
University of Münster


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