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  1. The laccase gene family encodes multiple isozymes that are crucial for the degradation of substrates and the regulation of developmental processes in fungi. Pleurotus eryngii is an important edible and medicinal ...

    Authors: Zihao Li, Yuanyuan Zhou, Congtao Xu, Jinlong Pan, Haikang Li, Yi Zhou and Yajie Zou
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:104
  2. Authors: Wafa A. Alshehri, Aala A. Abulfaraj, Mashael D. Alqahtani, Maryam M. Alomran, Nahaa M. Alotaibi, Khairiah Alwutayd, Abeer S. Alouf, Fatimah M. Alshehrei, Khulood F. Alabbosh, Sahar A. Alshareef, Ruba A. Ashy, Mohammed Y. Refai and Rewaa S. Jalal
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:103

    The original article was published in AMB Express 2023 13:92

  3. Effective disinfection of contaminated surfaces is essential for preventing the transmission of pathogens. In this study, we investigated the UV irradiance and wavelength distribution of a 222-nm ultraviolet C...

    Authors: Peiyong Ning, Yanzhen Han, Yang Liu, Shengchun Liu, Zhili Sun, Xinru Wang, Baiqi Wang, Feng Gao, Ying Wang, Yuan Wang, Xin Gao, Guanyi Chen and Xiaoyan Li
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:102
  4. The phenylurea herbicides are persistent in soil and water, necessitating the creation of methods for removing them from the environment. This study aimed to examine the soil microbial diversity, searching for...

    Authors: Nagwa I. Elarabi, Abdelhadi A. Abdelhadi, Amr A. Nassrallah, Mahmoud S. M. Mohamed and Heba A. R. Abdelhaleem
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:101
  5. Salmonella is an important foodborne pathogen, which can cause serious public health problems. Rapid and accurate detection of Salmonella infection and drug resistance mutations in patients will provide timely gu...

    Authors: Shan Wang, Shang Wang, Tongyu Hao, Shimao Zhu, Xinying Qiu, Yuqing Li, Xiaoxu Yang and Song Wu
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:100
  6. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic is still difficult to be controlled. The spread of this virus and the emergence of new variants are considered a great challenge worldw...

    Authors: Rehab Mahmoud Abd El-Baky, Esraa R. Shady, Ramadan Yahia, Fatma Y. Ahmed, Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Rady Ahmed, Israa M. S. Al-Kadmy, Yasmin N. Ramadan and Helal F. Hetta
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:99
  7. Larrea nitida Cav. (Zygophyllaceae) is a plant endemic to Argentina and Chile, and its extract has been studied over the last years due to the presence of antimicrobial agents that can be used to control the grow...

    Authors: Felipe Rocha, Rodrigo José Nunes Calumby, Laura Svetaz, Maximiliano Sortino, Márcia Cristina Teixeira Ribeiro Vidigal, Valeria Alina Campos-Bermudez and Sebastián Pablo Rius
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:98
  8. Gut dysbiosis causes damage to the intestinal barrier and is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). We tested the potential protective effects of probiotic BL21 and LRa05 on gut microbiota in type 2 ...

    Authors: Zhonghui Gai, Wenyan Liao, Yue Huang, Yao Dong, Huafeng Feng and Mei Han
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:97
  9. l-asparaginase is an antileukemic enzyme that hydrolyzes l-asparagine into l-aspartic acid and ammonia, causing cell starvation and apoptosis in susceptible leukemic cell populations. Currently, l-asparaginase ob...

    Authors: Sarah Osama, Moshera M. El-Sherei, Dalia A. Al-Mahdy, Mokhtar Bishr, Osama Salama and Marwa M. Raafat
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:96
  10. Previous work demonstrated inactivation of influenza virus by GHz frequency electromagnetic fields. Despite theoretical and experimental results, the underlying mechanism driving this inactivation remains unkn...

    Authors: Jody C. Cantu, Ronald A. Barnes, Bryan M. Gamboa, Allen S. Keister, Ibtissam Echchgadda and Bennett L. Ibey
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:95
  11. Solid-state fermentation (SSF) was used to enhance the bioactive compounds and biological properties of food materials, such as buckwheat, turmeric, and ginseng. This study was investigated the effects of SSF ...

    Authors: So-Hyung Kwak, Hayeong Kim, Ji hyeon Jeon, Kunal Pal, Dong-Hyun Kang and Doman Kim
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:94
  12. The biosynthetic process of selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs) by specific bacterial strain, whose growth directly affects the synthesis efficiency, has attracted great attentions. We previously reported that Bacillu...

    Authors: Fengqin Wang, Tao Gong, Man Du, Xiao Xiao, Zipeng Jiang, Weilian Hu, Yizhen Wang and Yuanzhi Cheng
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:93
  13. A metagenomic whole genome shotgun sequencing approach was used for rhizospheric soil micribiome of the wild plant Abutilon fruticosum in order to detect antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) along with their antibi...

    Authors: Wafa A. Alshehri, Aala A. Abulfaraj, Mashael D. Alqahtani, Maryam M. Alomran, Nahaa M. Alotaibi, Khairiah Alwutayd, Abeer S. Aloufi, Fatimah M. Alshehrei, Khulood F. Alabbosh, Sahar A. Alshareef, Ruba A. Ashy, Mohammed Y. Refai and Rewaa S. Jalal
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:92

    The Correction to this article has been published in AMB Express 2023 13:103

  14. Gray mold is a destructive plant disease caused by a fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. The use of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) has proven to be a promising method to control this disease. Bacillus ...

    Authors: Yinting Xue, Yunge Zhang, Kun Huang, Xiuyan Wang, Mingzhen Xing, Qiaolin Xu and Yanbin Guo
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:91
  15. Exosomes, a subpopulation of Extracellular vesicles (EVs), are cell-secreted vesicles found in the majority of biological fluids, including breast milk, tears, sweat, blood and, urine. The density and size of ...

    Authors: Dikshita Panwar, Deepali Shrivastava, Arvind Kumar, Lavleen Kumar Gupta, N. S. Sampath Kumar and Anjani Devi Chintagunta
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:90
  16. Bacillus licheniformis and its related strains have found extensive applications in diverse industries, agriculture, and medicine. However, the current breeding methods for this strain primarily rely on natural s...

    Authors: Fang Xue, Xufan Ma, Cheng Luo, Dongliang Li, Guiyang Shi and Youran Li
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:89
  17. Chytridiomycosis, caused by the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), has caused extreme losses in amphibian biodiversity. Finding bacteria that produce metabolites with antifungal properties may tu...

    Authors: János Ujszegi, Zsófia Boros, András Fodor, Balázs Vajna and Attila Hettyey
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:88
  18. A large number of nicotine-containing wastes produced during the tobacco manufacturing process are seriously harmful to the environment and human health. The degradation and transformation of nicotine-containi...

    Authors: Ke Zhang, Mingshen Yin, Shengwei Lei, Hongxin Zhang, Xiaoyan Yin and Qiuhong Niu
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:87
  19. Antibiotic resistance has become one of the inevitable barrier in aquaculture disease management. Herbal drugs has evolved to be the novel ways of combating drug resistant pathogens. In the current investigati...

    Authors: M. V. N. Sravya, G. Simhachalam, N. S. Sampath Kumar, K. Govindarao, T. Rahul Sandeep and D. Divya
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:86
  20. Enterococcus faecalis is one of the main pathogens that causes hospital-acquired infections because it is intrinsically resistant to some antibiotics and often is capable of biofilm formation, which plays a criti...

    Authors: Chunyan Fu, Yuxi Xu, Hao Zheng, Xinyi Ling, Chengzhi Zheng, Leihao Tian, Xiaobin Gu, Jiabei Cai, Jing Yang, Yuanyuan Li, Peiyu Wang, Yuan Liu, Yongliang Lou and Meiqin Zheng
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:85
  21. Yarrowia lipolytica has been explored as a potential production host for flavonoid synthesis due to its high tolerance to aromatic acids and ability to supply malonyl-CoA. However, little is known about its abili...

    Authors: Oliver Konzock, Marta Tous-Mohedano, Irene Cibin, Yun Chen and Joakim Norbeck
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:84
  22. Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 (formerly Streptomyces aureofaciens CCM 3239) contains a type II polyketide synthase (PKS) biosynthetic gene cluster (BGC) aur1 whose genes were highly similar t...

    Authors: Dominika Csolleiova, Rachel Javorova, Renata Novakova, Lubomira Feckova, Maria Matulova, Filip Opaterny, Bronislava Rezuchova, Beatrica Sevcikova and Jan Kormanec
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:83
  23. Candida albicans infections are threatening public health but there are only several antifungal drugs available. This study was to assess the effects of dehydrocostus lactone (DL) on the Candida albicans growth ...

    Authors: Jingxiao Zhang, Jian Sun, Yu Zhang, Min Zhang, Xin Liu, Longfei Yang and Yongjie Yin
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:82
  24. Tyrosol, a secondary metabolite of Candida species, regulates fungal morphogenesis, and its application may represent a novel innovative therapy against emerging multi-resistant fungal superbug such as Candida au...

    Authors: Noémi Balla, Ágnes Jakab, Fruzsina Kovács, Ágota Ragyák, Zoltán Tóth, Dávid Balázsi, Lajos Forgács, Aliz Bozó, Farah Al Refai, Andrew M Borman, László Majoros and Renátó Kovács
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:81
  25. Microorganisms play an important role in the tobacco aging process. Before the aging process, raw tobacco leaves must be threshed and redried. In order to explore the differences of microbial community structu...

    Authors: Yifan Zhang, Qiang Xu, Mengmeng Yang, Yue Yang, Jincun Fu, Chenlin Miao, Guiyao Wang, Liwei Hu and Zongyu Hu
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:80
  26. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an important pathogen that causes serious infections. Bacterial biofilms are highly resistant and render bacterial treatment very difficult, therefore necessitates alternative antibacter...

    Authors: Aliaa Abdelghafar, Amira El-Ganiny, Ghada Shaker and Momen Askoura
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:79
  27. Natural products, such as enzymatic hydrolysates and bioactive peptides from dietary sources, are safe alternatives to synthetic compounds linked to various deleterious effects. The purpose of this study is to...

    Authors: Salmat Adenike Salami, Olukemi Adetutu Osukoya, Olusola Bolaji Adewale, Oludele Odekanyin, Tajudeen Olabisi Obafemi and Adenike Kuku
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:78
  28. The recombinant Yleh from a tropical marine yeast Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3589 exhibited a high epoxide hydrolase activity of 9.34 ± 1.80 µmol min-1 mg-1 protein towards 1,2-epoxyoctane (EO), at pH 8.0 and 30 °C...

    Authors: Vijaya P. Godase, V. Ravi Kumar and Ameeta Ravi Kumar
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:77
  29. Arabitol is gaining attention in the food industry as an alternative sweetener owing to its low-caloric and non-cariogenic characteristics. The yeast strain kiy1 was newly isolated from unpasteurized honey for...

    Authors: Kan Iwata, Mayumi Maeda, Yutaka Kashiwagi, Kenji Maehashi and Jun Yoshikawa
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:76
  30. Aerobic hydrogen-oxidizing ‘Knallgas’ bacteria are promising candidates for microbial cell factories due to their ability to use hydrogen and carbon dioxide as the sole energy and carbon sources, respectively....

    Authors: Tytti Jämsä, Petri Tervasmäki, Juha-Pekka Pitkänen and Laura Salusjärvi
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:75
  31. Pig producers have faced considerable economic losses due to porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) infection, emphasizing the need for PEDV antibody development. The S1/S2 junction (S1S2J) cleavage site of th...

    Authors: Nan Huang, Qiaoli Lang, Liping Li, Liangpeng Ge and Xi Yang
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:74
  32. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble prohormone that is activated inside the liver to produce 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (calcidiol), and in the kidney to produce the fully active 1α, 25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 (calcitriol). A pre...

    Authors: Ahmad M. Abbas, Walid F. Elkhatib, Mohammad M. Aboulwafa, Nadia A. Hassouna and Khaled M. Aboshanab
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:73
  33. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a biodegradable, water-soluble polymer with excellent film forming properties, commonly studied or used as tablet coating, food packaging or controlled release fertilizers. Attract-a...

    Authors: Katharina M. Hermann, Alexander Grünberger and Anant V. Patel
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:72
  34. A novel red-pigmented bacterium was isolated from a water sample collected at Osun River, Ede. Morphological and 16 S rRNA gene sequencing revealed that the bacterium is a strain of Brevundimonas olei, while its ...

    Authors: Olumide D. Olukanni, Temitope Abiola, Jonathan B. Dada, Peter A. Dare, Femi Ayoade and Adedayo T. Olukanni
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:71
  35. The aim of the study was to evaluate the association between salivary anti-Porphyromonas gingivalis IgA antibodies and the leprosy reaction. The levels of salivary anti - P. gingivalis IgA antibodies, together wi...

    Authors: Michelle Miranda Lopes Falcão, Johelle Santana Passos-Soares, Paulo Roberto Lima Machado, Isaac Suzart Gomes-Filho, Lucas Pedreira de Carvalho, Elisangela Jesus de Campos, Mariana Costa Calheira, Patrícia Mares de Miranda, Rebeca Pereira Bulhosa Santos, José Tadeu Raynal Rocha Filho, Antonio Pedro Froes de Farias, Taiana Peixoto, Roberto Meyer Nascimento, Gregory John Seymour and Soraya Castro Trindade
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:70
  36. Endophytic fungi allied to plants have sparked substantial promise in discovering new bioactive compounds. In this study, propagation of the endophytic fungus Alternaria alternata HE11 obtained from Colocasia esc...

    Authors: Heba T. Khazaal, Mohamed T. Khazaal, Ahmed S. Abdel-Razek, Ahmed A. Hamed, Hassan Y. Ebrahim, Reham R. Ibrahim, Mokhtar Bishr, Yara E. Mansour, Rabab A. El Dib and Hesham S. M. Soliman
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:68
  37. Helicobacter pylori is one of the most common bacteria affecting human societies worldwide, and is mainly associated with gastrointestinal complications due to different virulence factors. This study aimed to inv...

    Authors: Ebrahim Gholamhosseinzadeh, Hossein Ghalehnoei, Arash Kazemi Veisari, Somayeh Sheidaei and Hamid Reza Goli
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:67
  38. Yogurt is a fermented food obtained by the bacterial fermentation of milk. In the present work, the effect of different concentrations (1, 3 and 5% w/w) of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) seed powder on physicoche...

    Authors: Naiema Vakili Saatloo, Tooraj Mehdizadeh, Javad Aliakbarlu and Rahele Tahmasebi
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:66
  39. Candida albicans is a highly drug-resistant fungus for which new treatments are urgently needed due to the lack of clinically effective options. In this study, we evaluated the antifungal activity and mechanism o...

    Authors: Lin Lin, Yue Zhuo, Qiran Dong, Chunjun Yang, Cheng Cheng and Taofeng Liu
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:65
  40. Hyaluronic acid (HA), composed of glucuronic acid (GlcUA) and N-acetyl glucoseamine (GlcNAc), is a versatile biopolymer with high commercial value and innumerous physiological roles and pharmaceutical applicat...

    Authors: Shadi Afrasiabi, Fatemeh Sadat Amjad Zanjani, Gholamreza Ahmadian, Reza Ahangari Cohan and Malihe Keramati
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:63
  41. Duck adenovirus 3 (DAdV-3), a newly emerged duck adenovirus, has resulted in significant economic losses to the duck industry across China since 2014. However, little is known about the B cell epitopes in majo...

    Authors: Yun Lin, Wenyuan Zhang, Jing Xie, Weikang Wang, Quan Xie, Tuofan Li, Hongxia Shao, Aijian Qin, Zhimin Wan and Jianqiang Ye
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:62
  42. Rapid and successful clinical diagnosis and bacterial infection treatment depend on accurate identification and differentiation between different pathogenic bacterial species. A lot of efforts have been made t...

    Authors: Dina Arabi, Omnia Hamdy, Mahmoud S. M. Mohamed, Zienab Abdel-Salam and Mohamed Abdel-Harith
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:61
  43. The application of novel bioorganic fertilizer (BIO) has been established as a weed biocontrol strategy, and reduce herbicides pollution and negatively effects on agricultural ecosystems. However, its long-ter...

    Authors: Zu-ren Li, Si-quan Luo, Ya-jun Peng, Chen-zhong Jin and Du-cai Liu
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:60
  44. Inonotus obliquus is a pathogenic fungus found in living trees and has been widely used as a traditional medicine for cancer therapy. Although lignocellulose-degrading enzymes are involved in the early stages of ...

    Authors: Retno Agnestisia, Tomohiro Suzuki, Akiko Ono, Luna Nakamura, Ikumi Nezu, Yuki Tanaka, Haruna Aiso, Futoshi Ishiguri and Shinso Yokota
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:59
  45. Anal fistula is a common proctological disease, but the thorough mechanisms of the anal fistula formation are still unclear. An increasing number of studies have revealed the crucial role of gut microbiota in ...

    Authors: Ping Cai, Hao Rong, Qiaoqiao Zhu, Xiaoyu Dai and Jianpei Zhao
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:58
  46. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a more dangerous form of chronic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In the current investigation, the influence of citicoline on high-fat diet (HFD)-induced NASH...

    Authors: Ahmed M. El-Baz, Amira M. El-Ganiny, Doaa Hellal, Hala M. Anwer, Hend A. Abd El-Aziz, Ibrahim E. Tharwat, Mohamed A. El-Adawy, Shehab El-Din M. Helal, Menna Tallah A. Mohamed, Tassnim M. Azb, Hanya M. Elshafaey, AbdulRahman A. Shalata, Sahar M. Elmeligi, Noran H. Abdelbary, Attalla F. El-kott, Fatimah A. Al-Saeed…
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:57
  47. Chinese strong-flavour liquor is produced via a traditional solid-state fermentation strategy facilitated by live microorganisms in pit mud-based cellars. For the present analysis, pit mud samples from differe...

    Authors: Yan Shoubao, Yang Jie, Shen TingTing, Guang Jiaquan and Shi Cuie
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:56
  48. LukS-PV is a component of Panton-Valentine leucocidin (PVL) and is secreted by Staphylococcus aureus. Silver nanoparticles exhibit considerable potential as anticancer agents and drug delivery systems. Drug deliv...

    Authors: Hafizeh Haghighatafshar, Bahram Golestani Eimani, Elham Moazamian and Jafar Amani
    Citation: AMB Express 2023 13:55

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