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Table 6 Classification of tested L. monocytogenes rods depending on the strength of biofilm formation on the steel surface based on the number of copies of the hlyA gene assessed by droplet digital PCR

From: Comparison of the intensity of biofilm formation by Listeria monocytogenes using classical culture-based method and digital droplet PCR

Intensity of biofilm formation by L. monocytogenesNumber of copies gene hlyA [log]Number of strains depending on the origin [n (%)]p valueTotal
n = 96
Clinical strains
n = 58
Environmental strains
n = 38
Weak4.55–6.936 (10.3)17 (44.7)p < 0.00124 (25.0)
Moderate6.94–7.427 (12.1)20 (52.6)p < 0.00124 (25.0)
Strong7.43–8.0521 (36.2)1 (2.6)p < 0.00124 (25.0)
Very strong8.06–8.4624 (41.4)0 (0.0)p < 0.00124 (25.0)
  1. aNumber of copies gene hlyA