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Table 3 Yield in % of blends obtained CT: COL from Gurijuba swim bladder for the three proportions (20:80, 50:50, and 80:20) via the three preparation routes

From: Characterization, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activity of polymer blends based on chitosan and fish collagen

20:80 4.3 8.3 12
50:50 13.3 14 10
80:20 44#* 18.2 5.5
  1. CT chitosan, COL collagen, NaOH precipitating solution of sodium hydroxide,  NaCl precipitating solution of sodium chloride, NaOH/NaCl precipitating solution combined with sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride; (#) highest value obtained between staging routes; (*) highest value obtained between chitosan and collagen proportions