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Table 2 Effects of storage duration (days) and temperature (°C) on chemical composition, DOMD and dry matter loss of brewer’s grain (RH = 70%)

From: Nutritional and fungal load dynamics of fresh brewers’ grain stored under aerobic conditions

SD ST Chemical composition (g/kg for DM; g/kg DM for others and % for DML)
2 15 242a 45d 264a 629a 253 g 67e 698a 0.1d
4 15 241a 46d 263a 629a 253 g 68e 697a 0.4d
6 15 240a 47d 261a 628a 254 g 68e 694ab 0.9d
2 20 240a 47d 261a 627a 270f 72e 687b 1.1d
4 20 218b 62c 232b 600b 314d 89d 630d 10.1c
6 20 201c 71b 212c 588c 333c 96bc 581e 17.2b
2 25 223b 61c 236b 576d 301e 91 cd 659c 8.0c
4 25 191d 75b 197d 567ed 346b 98ab 630d 21.3a
6 25 185d 83a 181e 558e 357a 102a 581e 23.7a
SEM 0.5 0.4 0.6 0.9 0.7 0.5 0.7 0.51
  1. SD Storage date, ST Storage temperature, DM Dry matter, CP Crude protein, NDF Neutral detergent fiber, ADF Acid detergent fiber, IVDOMD in-vitro digestible organic matter in the dry matter, DML Dry matter loss, SEM  standard error of the mean
  2. a−gMeans within a column with different superscripts differ (P < 0.05)