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Table 1 The candidate genes of degP in the genome of strain H328 by use of four different types of softwares

From: Enhancement of membrane vesicle production by disrupting the degP gene in Meiothermus ruber H328

Gene number in the strain H328 genome
Gene name by annotation
(amino acid number in the open reading frame, molecular weight (kDa))
(coverage (%) / identity (%)
vs. E. coli degP)
Localizationa Signal sequenceb
BlastPc PSORTbd CELLOe SignalP 4.0f
HtrA2 peptidase
(413, 44.5)
72% / 36% P IM, P, OM
Peptidase S1 and S6
(344, 37.6)
69% / 25% P IM
PDZ/DHR/GLGF domain-containing protein
(352, 37.2)
62% / 29% P IM, OM
  1. aIM, inner membrane; P, periplasmic; OM, outer membrane
  2. b, high possibility; , moderate possibility
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
  6. f