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Table 3 Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers and effective microorganism on plant height, number of branches and leaf area of Stevia rebaudiana during two growing seasons

From: Exogenously applied nitrogenous fertilizers and effective microorganisms improve plant growth of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) and soil fertility

Growing season Treatments Plant height (cm) No of branches Leaf area (cm2 plant−1)
EM (−) EM (+) Mean (NFs) EM (−) EM (+) Mean (NFs) EM (−) EM (+) Mean (NFs)
2018 Control 29.72e 33.16d 31.44c 23.42d 24.16d 23.79c 498.5d 720.82c 609.66c
Ch-N 46.50c 53.00b 49.75b 33.83c 35.83c 34.83b 1195.30b 1224.84ab 1210.07b
Org-N 53.66b 59.50a 56.58a 40.33b 43.33a 41.83a 1276.53ab 1335.26a 1305.9a
Mean (EM) 43.29b 48.55a   32.53b 34.44a   990.11b 1093.64a  
LSD interaction (p ≤ 0.05) 2.47   2.89   126.42  
2019 Control 30.36d 31.33d 30.84c 25.43f 29.16e 27.3c 804.5c 900.4c 851.95c
Ch-N 49.66c 58.83b 54.25b 44.16d 47.83c 46b 1571.68b 1601.22ab 1586.45b
Org-N 61.33b 64.5a 62.91a 60.33b 64.33a 62.33a 1657.91ab 1696.54a 1677.23a
  Mean (EM) 47.12b 51.55a   43.31b 47.11a   1344.36a 1399.39a  
LSD interaction (p ≤ 0.05) 2.62   1.814   124.79  
  1. The values shown in table are means of two cuttings having four replicates. EM Effective microorganisms (biofertilizer), Ch-N Chemical-N form, Org-N Organic-N form, Means followed by the same letters are non-significantly different (p ≤ 0.05)