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Table 1 Details of strains of the consortium

From: Asphaltene biotransformation for heavy oil upgradation

S. No. Name of bacterium MTCC number Genbank accession number Genus reported for PAH/asphaltene degradation
1 Arthrobacter sp.1 MTCC 25271 MT830848 Polycyclic alkane, aromatic hydrocarbon and asphaltene degradation
2 Arthrobacter sp.2 MTCC 25272 MT830850 Petroleum hydrocarbon and asphaltene degradation
3 Rhodococcus sp. MTCC 25,273 MT830849 Crude oil and aromatic hydrocarbon degradation
4 Barrientosiimonas sp. MTCC 25274 MT830851 No reports
5 Lysinibacillus sp. MTCC 25275 MT830852 PAH and asphaltene degradation
6 Sporosarcina sp. MTCC 25276 MT830853 PAH degradation
7 Bacillus sp. MTCC 25277 MT830854 PAH and asphaltene degradation
8 Micrococcus sp. MTCC 25278 MT830855 PAH and asphaltene degradation
9 Paenibacillus sp. MTCC 25279 MT830856 PAH degradation