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Table 1 Feed compositions and nutrient levels of the experimental diet (dry matter basis)

From: Comparative study of growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and ruminal and fecal bacterial community between yaks and cattle-yaks raised by stall-feeding

Ingredients, %   Nutrient levels, %  
Oat hay 50.00 NEgb, MJ/kg 3.49
Corn 38.90 CP 10.22
Wheat bran 1.50 EE 2.37
Soybean meal 2.00 NDF 41.69
Rape cake 2.50 ADF 23.11
Fermented distiller’s grains 2.50 Ca 0.57
Soybean oil 0.40 P 0.31
CaHCO3 0.05   
CaCO3 0.65   
NaHCO3 0.50   
Salt 0.50   
Premixa 0.50   
  1. NEg net energy for gain, CP crude protein, EE ether extract, NDF neutral detergent fiber, ADF acid detergent fiber
  2. aThe premix provided following per kilogram of the diet: Co (as cobaltous chloride 6-hydrate) 0.12 mg, Cu (as copper sulfate) 11.67 mg, I (as calcium iodate) 0.58 mg, Fe (as ferrous sulfate) 58.33 mg, Mn (as manganese sulfate) 23.33 mg, Se (as sodium selenite) 0.23 mg, Zn (as zinc sulfate) 35 mg, VA 2 200 IU, VD 275 IU, VE 90 IU
  3. bNEg was a calculated value; the other nutrient levels of the diet were measured values