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Table 1 Concentration (mg/L) of the major media components during fermentation of 1.0 wt% mechanocatalytic oligosaccharides in LB media by ethanologenic E. coli KO11 + lgk at 37 °C, 200 rpm

From: Utilization of mechanocatalytic oligosaccharides by ethanologenic Escherichia coli as a model microbial cell factory

SugarsLB media+ 1.0 wt% mechanocatalytic sugars
Initial24 h48 h72 h
Total, all sugars14003500320028002700
 Dry cell massn/a0.0161.15 ± 0.031.35 ± 0.031.38 ± 0.03
 Ethanoln/a02900 ± 2002600 ± 1002150 ± 40
  1. Malto- and cello-oligomers are expected to represent the orientation of the glycosidic bond, but not necessarily the linkage. Glucose, xylose and levoglucosan were measured by IEC, other sugars by HPLC. Ethanol was measured by GC and dry biomass content was estimated from OD550 values
  2. n/a not determined, n.d. none detected