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Table 2 Degree of deacetylation of chitin extracted after fermentation on various carbon sources

From: Microbial extraction of chitin from seafood waste using sugars derived from fruit waste-stream

Carbon source for fermentationDegree of deacetylation (%)
Commercial chitin70.46
20 mL glucose in 80 mL Water72.57
20 mL molasses in 80 mL water73.98
20 mL corn syrup in 80 mL water65.21
15 g red grape pomace in 100 mL water72.90
15 g white grape pomace in 100 mL water65.92
15 g apple peel in 100 mL water53.39
15 g pineapple peel and core in 100 mL Water53.51
15 g potato peel in 100 mL water54.75
15 g mango peel in 100 mL water60.50
15 g banana peel in 100 mL water75.19
15 g sweet potato peel in 100 mL water65.46