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Table 2 Suppression of damping-off of cucumber caused by Pythium ultimum in soil-less mix with prodigiosin purified from ethanol extract of Serratia marcescens N4-5

From: Seed treatment with prodigiosin controls damping-off of cucumber caused by Pythium ultimum

Treatmenta Mean plant stand per pot at different P. ultimum infestation levelsb
0 10 30 50
Non-treated seed 4.75 A 4.00 A → D 2.17 E 1.46 EF
Ethanol-only 4.67 AB 3.33 CD 0.79 F 1.13 EF
N4-5 ethanol extract 4.42 AB 4.21 ABC 3.42 CD 3.96 A → D
Purified prodigiosin 4.67 AB 3.71 BCD 3.21 CD 1.58 EF
  1. aSee “Materials and methods” for a description of treatments. Non-treated, no treatment was applied; ethanol-only, seeds were treated with ethanol only; N4-5 ethanol extract, seeds were treated with ethanol extract of strain N4-5; purified prodigiosin, seeds were treated with purified prodigiosin in ethanol
  2. bValues were the mean of three experiments (n = 3) expressed as mean plant stand per pot. Results were combined prior to analysis as there was no significant experiment × treatment effect (P = 0.3975). Treatments in all experiments contained eight replicate pots, each containing five seeds. Numbers followed by the same letter were not significantly different (P ≤ 0.05) as determined by a protected least significant difference test. Least significant difference was 0.97. P. ultimum was added at 0, 10, 30, and 50 sporangia/cm3 soil-less mix inoculum