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Table 2 Effects of dietary B. subtilis supplementation on growth performance of piglets

From: Effects of Bacillus subtilis on growth performance, serum parameters, digestive enzyme, intestinal morphology, and colonic microbiota in piglets

Items CTRc ABTd PBTe SEMf P-value
Initial body weight (kg) 14.07 14.05 14.07 0.005 0.14
Final body weight (kg) 28.27b 31.22a 31.15a 0.53 0.002
ADG (kg) 0.51b 0.61a 0.61a 0.12 0.002
ADFI (kg) 1.00 1.11 1.13 0.03 0.08
F:G 1.97a 1.81b 1.84a, b 0.03 0.04
  1. ADG average daily gain, ADFI average daily feed intake, F:G feed:gain ratio
  2. a, bValue within a row with different superscripts were considered to be significant when P < 0.05 (n = 4 per treatment)
  3. cCTR control group (basal diet); the same as below
  4. dABT antibiotic group (basal diet supplied with 40 mg/kg kitasamycin and 75 mg/kg chlorotetracycline); the same as below
  5. ePBT probiotic group (basal diet supplied with 0.1% B. subtilis); the same as below
  6. fSEM standard error of the mean; the same as below