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Table 3 Effect of nano-amino application on the first harvest

From: Production and composition of Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated on Lithovit®-Amino25 supplemented spent substrate

Indicators Treatments
C0t0 C1t1 C2t1 P value
Bunches number 3.7a 3.3a 2.7a ns
Fruit body number 20.0c 15.7b 8.7a 0.000
Bunches weight (g) 177.3b 127.0a 135.1a 0.001
Fruit body weight (g) 21.0a 39.1a 33.4a ns
Pileus diameter (cm) 7.1a 11.6b 10.5b 0.000
Stipe diameter (cm) 1.8ab 1.8a 2.1b ns
Stipe length (cm) 6.5a 8.5b 6.7a 0.000
Pileus length (cm) 5.9a 7.9b 8.6b 0.000
PD/SL 1.1a 1.4b 1.6c 0.000
Biological yield (g/bag) 429.6b 408.3b 332.2a 0.001
Economic yield (g/bag)) 374.9b 325.2a 296.5a 0.004
  1. Values are means; means within the same row followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test, ns: non-significant effect