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Table 4 Taxonomic affiliation of the bacteria isolated of soils contaminated PCBs

From: Structure and diversity of native bacterial communities in soils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls

Sample site ARDRA profilesa Phylogenetic relationship Phylum
Representative isolate Closest NCBI match/similarity (%)b Accession number
Control soil A-A DCB13 Bacillus thuringiensis L2.TYA/95.6 MH921878 Firmicutes
A-B DCB14 Bacillus cereus H3/96.4 MH921879 Firmicutes
A-C DCB18 Bacillus paramycoides SBMS4/95.7 MH921881 Firmicutes
A-D DCB20 Achromobacter denitrificans DBT224/98.9 MH921883 Proteobacteria
A-E DCB21 Bacillus paranthracis J-131/98.8 MH921884 Firmicutes
A-F DCB26 Cupriavidus malaysiensis USMAA1020/99.2 MH921887 Proteobacteria
A-G DCB27 Bacillus cereus XS 2-8/97.7 MH921888 Proteobacteria
Hs B-A DCB01 Burkholderia cenocepacia Z6/96.0 MH209072 Proteobacteria
B-B DCB02 Burkholderia ambifaria ChDC B361/95.2 MH209073 Proteobacteria
B-C DCB03 Burkholderia cepacia BC16/95.3 MH209074 Proteobacteria
B-D DCB04 Myroides odoratus (LT899994.1)/96.6 MH209075 Flavobacteriia
B-E DCB05 Bacillus cereus PR12/97.0 MH209076 Firmicutes
Hp C-A DCB07 Burkholderia anthina MYSP113/97.0 MH921875 Proteobacteria
C-B DCB08 Burkholderia vietnamiensis BU97/95.0 MH921876 Proteobacteria
C-C DCB12 Bacillus anthracis A4/98.3 MH921877 Firmicutes
F D-A DCB101 Acinetobacter pittii AB17H194/99.0 MN685207 Proteobacteria
D-B DCB102 Kosakonia arachidis LGR-9 /99.5 MN685208 Proteobacteria
D-C DCB103 Comamonas testosteroni OTU-c14/98.1 MN685209 Proteobacteria
D-D DCB120 Enterobacter ludwigii 7D2C3/99.7 MN818571 Proteobacteria
D-E DCB124 Staphylococcus saprophyticus SPB40-5/99.4 MN818574 Firmicutes
A E-A DCB104 Acinetobacter baumannii B8342/99.0 MN685210 Proteobacteria
E-B DCB105 Burkholderia cenocepacia Z6/97.6 MN685211 Proteobacteria
E-C DCB106 Comamonas testosteroni F4/98.6 MN685212 Proteobacteria
E-D DCB122 Enterobacter oryzae Ola 01/98.1 MN818572 Proteobacteria
E-E DCB123 Comamonas testosteroni 22/99.9 MN818573 Proteobacteria
  1. a Representative isolate selected by ARDRA profile
  2. b Similarity percentage was estimated by considering the number of nucleotide-substitutions between a pair of sequences divided by the total number of compared bases × 100%