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Table 2 The number and percentage of positive clinical samples using bacterial culture (BC)

From: Prevalence, the antibiogram and the frequency of virulence genes of the most predominant bacterial pathogens incriminated in calf pneumonia

SamplesApparently healthy calvesPneumonic calvesTotalp-value
Samples, NPositive samples, N (%)Samples, NPositive samples, N (%)Samples, NPositive samples, N (%)
Nasal swabs5019 (36)150105 (70)200124 (62) 
Blood samples50161 (6.3)211 (4.76)< 0.00001*
Lung tissues (dead)__43 (75)43 (75)
Total5519 (34.5)170109 (64.1)225128 (57)
  1. *The result is significant at p < .05