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Table 3 Productivities after transfection

From: Rich production media as a platform for CHO cell line development

48 h after transfection0.4–7.9 mg/L1.0–9.2 mg/L0.2–4.3 mg/L
Adapted pool batch (day 3)8.5–12.6 mg/L12–13.5 mg/L5.3–10.2 mg/L
Adapted pool batch (day 7)24.7–37.5 mg/L86–88 mg/L86–102 mg/L
Adapted pool batch (day 11)Not detecteda90–110 mg/L175–210 mg/L
  1. aNot detected at the indicated time point because the CDM1-adapted pool batch culture was terminated on day 7