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Table 3 Comparison of the yields of various enzymes under different fermentation techniques among different fungi

From: A novel multi-enzyme preparation produced from Aspergillus niger using biodegradable waste: a possible option to combat heterogeneous biofilms

OrganismType of fermentationEnzyme activityCMCaseFPaseβ-glucosidasePectinaseMannanaseXylanaseβ-xylosidaseα-amylaseGlucoamylaseAlginate LyaseReferences
A. niger KK2SSFIU/gds130.019.094.05070.0176.0Kang et al. (2004)
Co-cultures of A. niger and T. virideSmFIU/ml2.791.754.66189.7Ikram-ul-Haq et al. (2006)
P. echinulatumSmFIU/ml3.00.91.542.0Martins et al. (2008)
A. niger CJ-5SSFIU/gds56.417.042.8126.053.2990.031,500488.8Janveja et al. (2013)
P. echinulatumSmFIU/ml7. et al. (2015)
A. niger P-19SSFIU/gds115.7630.6626.4292.0486.0926.1432,400237.42Chugh et al. (2016)
A. niger APSSurfaceIU/ml3.841.213.6814.27.440.12760413.3This study