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Table 3 Composition of m-PCR system

From: Development of a multiplex PCR assay for the simultaneous and rapid detection of six pathogenic bacteria in poultry

ComponentVolume (25 µL in all)
10× buffer2.5
Ex Taq (8000 U/mL)0.125
dNTP (2.5 mM each)2.5
Mg2+ (25 mM)2.0
phoA-P1/P2 (20 µM)0.5
KMT1-P1/P2 (20 µM)0.25
ureR-P1/P2 (20 µM)0.5
toxA-P1/P2 (20 µM)0.25
invA-P1/P2 (20 µM)0.5
nuc-P1/P2 (20 µM)1.0
Betaine (5 M)2.0
Template DNA (120 ng, each)1.0