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Table 2 Molecular mass of HEK cell-derived glycosylated prolactin obtained via N-glycoprofiling analysis and compared to MALDI–TOF-MS determination

From: Expression of glycosylated human prolactin in HEK293 cells and related N-glycan composition analysis

Via N-glycoprofiling Via MALDI–TOF-MS
Average N-glycan mass (Da) G-hPRL MM (Da)a Carbohydrate moiety (%)b NG-hPRL (Mr) G-hPRL (Mr) Carbohydrate moiety (%) Difference between G-hPRL MM and Mr (%)
1656.3 24,554.1 6.7 23,035.9 25,123.5 8.3 − 2.27
  1. aCalculated by adding the average N-glycan mass to the calculated NG-hPRL mass of 22,897.75 (Capone et al. 2015)
  2. bCalculated as a percent of the average glycan mass on G-hPRL MM