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Table 5 Bacterial and fungal counts in rhizosphere soils of control (water only) and different treated plants after 45 days

From: Biocontrol and plant growth promoting potential of phylogenetically new Streptomyces sp. MR14 of rhizospheric origin

Treatment Microbial count (104 CFU/g)
Bacteria Fungi
Control 146a 53a
CC + P 42ab 15ab
CS + P 34ac 12ac
CE + P 37ad 19ad
  1. The same letters with in a column are significantly different (Tukey’s HSD p ≤ 0.05) and different letters with in a column are statistically insignificant different; Control, tomato plants treated with water only; CC + P, plants treated with Streptomyces sp. MR14 and pathogen; CS + P, plants treated with MR14 supernatant and pathogen; CE + P, plants treated with MR14 solvent extract and pathogen