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Table 1 Details regarding the metagenomic fosmid and plasmid libraries constructed and screened for xylanase activity in this study

From: Cloning of novel bacterial xylanases from lignocellulose-enriched compost metagenomic libraries

Library FOS-37 °C-CEL FOS-50 °C-CEL PLA-50 °C-CEL
Vector Fosmid—pCC1FOS Fosmid—pCC1FOS Plasmid—pCR2.1-TOPO
Number of unique clones 43,000 40,000 760,000
Average insert size 28.5 kb 30.8 kb 5.4 kb
Total library size 1226 Mb 1232 Mb 3900 Mb
No. of xylanase hits 21 18 1
Hit rate 1/58 Mb 1/68 Mb 1/3.9 Gb
Positive clone identifiers XYL1–21 XYL22–39 XYL40
  1. Number of clones was estimated using serial dilution and plating of the primary library. Average insert size was estimated based on restriction digests of 30–40 individual library clones