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Table 1 A brief description of the full-scale biodesulfurization installations, and averaged operational parameters

From: Development of quantitative PCR for the detection of Alkalilimnicola ehrlichii, Thioalkalivibrio sulfidiphilus and Thioalkalibacter halophilus in gas biodesulfurization processes

Location Industry Sour gas composition Sample ID
Eerbeek (NL) Paper mill Biogas, 0.7% H2S Paper mill—1
Zülpich (DE) Paper mill Biogas, 0.5% H2S Paper mill—2
Amersfoort (NL) Landfill waste Landfill gas, 0.3% H2S Landfill
Southern Illinois (USA) Oil and gas Associated gas, 1–5% H2S, 50–200 ppm VOSCa Oilfield—1
Sulawesi (ID) Oil and gas Acid gas 80–90%, 10–20% H2S, X ppm thiols Oilfield—2
  1. aVOSC—volatile organic sulfur compounds, e.g., thiols and diorganopolysulfides