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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used

From: Development of high-throughput quantitative analytical method for l-cysteine-containing dipeptides by LC–MS/MS toward its fermentative production

Strains or plasmids Genotype References or sources
 Escherichia coli BW25113 rrnB3 ∆lacZ4787 hsdR514 ∆(araBAD)567 ∆(rhaBAD)568 rph-1 Baba et al. (2006)
 Bacillus subtilis 168 trpC2 Takagi et al. (1997)
 pACYC184 TetR, CmR Nippon Gene
 pCysHP pACYC184 with serA (T410 Stop), ydeD and alterd cysE (T167A, G203S, T234S, P252L, M256Q) genes under the control of the ompA promoter, TetR Lab straina
Tanaka et al. (2019)
 pQE85 AmpR, a derivative of pQE80L (Qiagen) This study
 pQE85-BsBacD pQE85 with bacD gene from Bacillus subtilis This study
  1. aThe plasmid pDES (with serA [T410 Stop], ydeD and altered cysE [T167A] genes) from ajinomoto is first supplied (Wiriyathanawudhiwong et al. 2009). However, this plasmid was accidentally obtained in our laboratory during 10 years of stock