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Table 5 Effects of rumen-protected methionine supplements on the synthesis of microbial crude protein, production of NH3-N and pH using a rumen simulation technique (n = 4)

From: Rumen-protected methionine a feed supplement to low dietary protein: effects on microbial population, gases production and fermentation characteristics

Items Treatments SEM P-value
pH before feeding* 6.65 6.67 6.66 6.68 0.01 0.83
pH after feeding (0–24 h)* 6.68 6.70 6.73 6.73 0.01 0.20
MCP (mg/mL) 3.18a 2.45b 2.62ab 3.10a 0.11 0.01
NH3-N (mg/100 mL) 18.43a 13.09b 13.39b 13.58b 0.80 0.02
  1. MCP, microbial crude protein; NH3-N, ammonia nitrogen; SEM, standard error of mean
  2. a,bSuperscripts values within the same row, are significantly different at (P < 0.05)
  3. * The pH values have published an article of the same first author