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Fig. 7

From: Bioconversion of curcumin into calebin-A by the endophytic fungus Ovatospora brasiliensis EPE-10 MTCC 25236 associated with Curcuma caesia

Fig. 7

LC–MS chromatogram of calebin-A standard performed on a triple quadrupole showed similar RT 10.55 in comparison to the O. brasiliensis EPE- 10, MTCC 25236. The LC–MS data was more prominent in the extracts at the a 24, b 48 and c 72 h of curcumin added to O. brasiliensis EPE- 10, MTCC 25236 along with d calebin-A standard. e Conversion of curcumin to calebin-A by O. brasiliensis EPE- 10, MTCC 25236 at different intervals of growth. Maximum conversion was found at 48 h

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