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Table 1 Morphological and biochemical characteristics of A. aquatilis 3c

From: Degradation of azo dyes by Alcaligenes aquatilis 3c and its potential use in the wastewater treatment

Morphological characteristics A. aquatilis 3c
Shape Spherical
Size 1 mm
Color Pale yellow
Elevation Non elevated
Edges Smooth
Texture Sticky
Gram’s staining Gram negative
Biochemical characteristics
  Lactose –ve
  Sucrose –ve
  Dextrose –ve
  H2S production –ve
  Nitrate reduction –ve
  Indole production –ve
  Methl red reaction –ve
  Voges Proskauer reaction –ve
  Citrate use ±
  Urease activity –ve
  Catalase activity +ve
  Oxidase activity +ve
  1. +ve: positive, –ve: negative