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Table 2 Relative abundances of active microbial genera that were significant different among all groups

From: Active bacterial communities of pig fecal microbiota transplantation suspension prepared and preserved under different conditions

Item SF AE AN AN-CR SEM P value
Prevotella 73.91a 66.64a 49.07b 51.20b 3.65 0.016
Unclassified Prevotellaceae 10.08c 19.98a 14.76bc 17.89ab 1.24 0.010
Halomonas 2.95a 1.03b 1.41b 1.20b 0.24 0.003
Unclassified Rikenellaceae 1.65a 0.01b 0.01b 0.00b 0.20 0.000
Alloprevotella 1.56a 0.35b 0.15b 0.20b 0.14 0.000
Unclassified Bacteroidales 0.71b 0.79b 1.60a 1.12ab 0.32 0.046
Sutterella 0.44c 1.32bc 1.98ab 2.93a 0.24 0.023
Ruminiclostridium 0.17b 0.40b 0.89a 0.48b 0.01 0.010
Unclassified Lachnospiraceae 0.11ab 0.05c 0.12a 0.07bc 0.10 0.015
Unclassified Thermoplasmatales Incertae Sedis 0.10b 0.19b 0.79a 0.48ab 0.01 0.035
[Ruminococcus] gauvreauii group 0.07a 0.01b 0.01b 0.00b 0.02 0.000
Enterobacter 0.03ab 0.02b 0.06a 0.02b 0.01 0.042
Campylobacter 0.03b 0.09a 0.09a 0.05b 0.01 0.011
Blautia 0.04a 0.02b 0.02b 0.01b 0.03 0.016
Pseudoflavonifractor 0.02b 0.05b 0.13a 0.08ab 0.00 0.035
Anaerotruncus 0.03a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.01 0.003
Aquabacterium 0.01b 0.04b 0.09a 0.06ab 0.00 0.010
Unclassified Gastranaerophilales 0.01a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.10 0.014
Escherichia-Shigella 0.02a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00 0.001
Candidatus captivus 0.01a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00 0.048
Pelagibacterium 0.01a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00 0.000
Howardella 0.01a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b 0.00 0.000
Asteroleplasma 0.00b 0.01b 0.06a 0.03ab 0.01 0.019
[Eubacterium] ventriosum group 0.00b 0.00b 0.04a 0.02b 0.01 0.025
Tyzzerella 0.01b 0.00b 0.02a 0.01b 0.00 0.041
  1. Data are expressed as mean and standard error of means (SEM), n = 3. Means within the same row with different superscripts are significantly different from one another
  2. SF sows’ fecal group, AE aerobic group, AN anaerobic group, AN-CR anaerobic-cryopreserved group