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Table 3 PICRUSt predicted genes and corresponding bacterial genus involved in antibiotic resistance and pro-inflammatory activities in sa-um

From: Metagenomic analysis and the functional profiles of traditional fermented pork fat ‘sa-um’ of Northeast India

Pro-inflammatory genes Antibiotic resistance genes
K00748 K02406 K02517 K11693 K11694 K05595 K07552 K08170 K07694 K08221
Acinetobacter Bacillus Acinetobacter Candidatus Arthromitus Staphylococcus Bacteroides Acinetobacter Clostridium Ruminococcus Bacillus
Akkermansia Clostridium Bacteroides Staphylococcus Bifidobacterium Bacteroides Klebsiella Blautia Sporolactobacillus
Bacteroides Erwinia Bifidobacterium Exiguobacterium Erwinia Clostridium
Dialister Flexispira Corynebacterium Klebsiella Corynebacterium
Erwinia Halomonas Dialister Parabacteroides Erwinia
Flexispira Lysinibacillus Erwinia Proteus Flexispira
Halomonas Megamonas Flexispira Pseudomonas Halomonas
Klebsiella Oscillospira Halomonas Wautersiella Klebsiella
Megamonas Proteus Klebsiella Megamonas
Megasphaera Pseudomonas Megamonas Megasphaera
Parabacteroides Ruminococcus Megasphaera Proteus
Prevotella SMB53 Parabacteroides Pseudomonas
Proteus Solibacillus Prevotella Wautersiella
Pseudomonas Sporolactobacillus Proteus
Wautersiella Pseudomonas