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Fig. 1

From: In-situ electrochemical analysis of microbial activity

Fig. 1

Experimental arrangement and microbiological data. a Inverted 125 mL serum bottle with electrode assembly inserted through a black butyl stopper and sealed gas tight. Sterile anaerobic growth medium was inoculated with C. phytofermentans spores prior to growth studies. b Growth curve of C. phytofermentans. Concentration of C. phytofermentans is shown over an 87-hour time period. Values are the mean ± S.D. of two duplicate growth studies. c DAPI staining of C. phytofermentans. DAPI stained images at inoculation (I), lag (II), log (III), and stationary (IV) phases of growth. d Conversion of cellobiose (diamond) to acetate (square), ethanol (triangle), and hydrogen (circle) by C. phytofermentans during growth. Values are the mean ± S.D. of two duplicate growth studies

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