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Table 3 Identification of thermophilic bacterial isolates by 16S rRNA gene sequence homology

From: Bioprospecting thermophilic glycosyl hydrolases, from hot springs of Himachal Pradesh, for biomass valorization

Isolate Sequence homology Phylum
Closest speciesa Accession no. Per cent homologyb
VCB1 Bacillus tequilensis MG098075 74 Firmicutes
VCB2 Bacillus tequilensis MG098076 99 Firmicutes
VSDB4 Bacillus tequilensis MG027696 99 Firmicutes
KBFB2 Bacillus licheniformis MG028595 99 Firmicutes
KBFB3 Bacillus licheniformis MG028594 99 Firmicutes
  1. aSpecies identified based on 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity
  2. bPer cent similarity of the sequence in BLAST analysis