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Table 4 Pathogenicity-related genes of SJP-SNU

From: Genomic and probiotic characterization of SJP-SNU strain of Pichia kudriavzevii

Activity Gene of C. albicans Gene of SJP-SNU BLASTP informationa Accession numbers
Fatty acid synthase FAS2 i01491 100/71/0.0 MF580702
Type I membrane ferroxidase FET3 i01900 98/54/0.0 MF580703
   i02637 95/46/0.0 MF580704
High-affinity iron permease FTR1 i00027 93/67/5e−174a MF580705
Haemosynthesis HEM3 i01397 97/59/2e−138 MF580706
Amino acid biosynthesis HIS1 i04163 100/67/8e−150 MF580707
  LEU2 i03643 98/77/0.0 MF580708
Orotidine-5′-phosphate decarboxylase URA3 i00907 95/74/2e−154 MF580709
Trehalose-phosphate synthase TPS1 01960 95/70/0.0 MF580722
Chitin synthase CHS2 i03074 79/42/0.0 MF740748
  CHS3 i01942 93/56/0.0 MF580726
Glucosamine-6-phosphate acetyltransferase GNA1 i04566 96/44/5e−40 MF580710
β-Glucosyltransferase BGL2 i01739 92/61/5e−134 MF580713
GTPase RSR1 01279/i04119 99/59/1e−104 MF580718
Transcription factor TUP1 i01055 92/69/0.0 MF580714
MAP kinase CEK1 i00979 99/76/0.0 MF580715
HOG1 i02281 93/80/0.0 MF580716
MKC1 02283 75/62/7e−170 MF740749
Protein kinase CLA4 i01477 71/52/2e−149 MF740750
VPS34 i00437 88/43/6e−133 MF740751
α-Mannosyltransferase MNT1 i02982 98/56/1e−179 MF580711
PMT1 i04222 85/52/0.0 MF740752
PMT6 i04480 88/41/0.0 MF740753
Endo-1,3-b-glucosidase PHR1 i03503 98/54/0.0 MF580712
PHR2 i03513 84/64/0.0 MF740754
Histidine kinase NIK1 i33342 95/65/0.0 MF580717
SLN1 i02577 80/41/5e−147 MF740755
Catalase CTA1 00609 98/66/0.0 MF580721
Lysophospholipase PLB1 03308/i03297 95/45/7e−171 MF580719
Aspartyl protease SAP1 01553 83/28/7e−29 MF740756
SAP2 02852 95/22/4e−13 MF580723
Topoisomerase TOP1 i02898 94/62/0.0 MF580720
  1. Other pathogenicity-related genes compared in the present study: NA binding protein (MIG1), trehalose-6-phosphate synthase (TPS1), Ferric reductase (RBT2) 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase (SNF1), Extracellular membrane protein (CSP37), Protein kinase (CST20, HST7), Histidine kinase (SSK1), Transcription factor (UME6, TEC1), Glucanase (XOG1), Tyr phosphatase (CPP1), Adherent gene (AAF1), GPI anchored cell wall protein (HWP1, RBT1, 3, WAP1, RBT4), Hyphal growth (HWP1, ECE1), Aspartyl protease (PEP1, SAP3-6), Efflux protein (MDR1)
  2. aCoverage/identity (% of amino acid identity to reference sequence of Candida albicans)/e value