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Table 3 Important genes for prediction of biological traits of SJP-SNU

From: Genomic and probiotic characterization of SJP-SNU strain of Pichia kudriavzevii

Activity Symbol of gene Gene of SJP-SNU Accession nos.
Anaerobiosis ARG82 i04794 MF580678
  ARV1 i01749 MF580679
  CAX4 i01146 MF580680
  CDC40 i02538 MF580681
  DBP7 i04141 MF580682
  DRS2 i04217 MF580683
  FZO1 i01570 MF580684
  GMP1 i00484 MF580685
  HFI1 i01065 MF580686
  MRPL10 i04329 MF580687
  NPT1 i02351 MF580688
  SIN4 i00449 MF580689
  SNF1 i04534 MF580690
  SPT20 i04515 MF580691
  SPT80 i04515 MF580691
Cellulase EXG_PICAN i03243 MF580692
   i04958 MF580693
  YBR056 W i02448 MF580694
  YIR007 W i03386 MF580695
Bile acid permease YBT1 i03062 MF740757
Phytase PHYA i01331 MF580696
   i01362 MF580697
   i01364 MF580698
  PHYB i01367 MF580699
Endo-1,3(4)-beta-glucanase ACF2 i02149 MF580700
Glucoamylase GLU1 i03516 MF580701
Mating STE2 i02542 MF740758
  STE3 i01062 MF740759