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Fig. 1

From: Enhanced hypocrellin production via coexpression of alpha-amylase and hemoglobin genes in Shiraia bambusicola

Fig. 1

Construction of expression vectors and cDNA of amy365-1, vgb in this study. a Pgfppuro, b Phygamy365-1, c Phygvgb and d PhygPgpdAamy365-1-vgb. U6, U6 promoter; PgpdA, gpdA promoter; Ttrpc, the trpC terminator; hyg, gene of protein resistant to hygromycin B; 2A, nucleotide sequence encoding 2A peptide which acted as a coexpression linker; amy365-1, α-amylase gene; vgb: gene of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin. e cDNA of amy365-1 and vgb. Lane M: DL5000 DNA Marker; lanes 1–2: cDNA of amy365-1; lanes 3–4: cDNA of vgb

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