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Table 2 Identification results for the selected feather-degrading bacterial isolates

From: New keratinolytic bacteria in valorization of chicken feather waste

Isolate designation Identification result S_ab scorea GenBank accession numberb
p5-2 Kocuria rhizophila 0.962 MG230492
p2-3 Kocuria rhizophila 0.961 MG230434
20-2 Kocuria rhizophila 0.966 MG230441
p5-1 Kocuria rhizophila 0.965 MG230442
p3-3 Kocuria rhizophila 0.967 MG230324
p4-1 Kocuria rhizophila 0.959 MG230493
5–2 Pantoea anthophila 0.959 MG230494
28 Kocuria rhizophila 0.961 MG230529
  1. aMaximum “seqmatch score” calculated by RDP database SeqMatch tool
  2. bAccession numbers of 16S rDNA sequences submitted to NCBI GenBank database