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Table 1 GenBank accession numbers of the DNA sequences from members of the genus Lichteimia used in this study

From: Taxonomic identification of the thermotolerant and fast-growing fungus Lichtheimia ramosa H71D and biochemical characterization of the thermophilic xylanase LrXynA

Strain Specie ITS GenBank Access Number
H71D L. ramosa KY311837
CBS 100.17 L. corymbifera GQ342885
CBS 100.31 L. corymbifera GQ342879
CBS 100.51 L. corymbifera GQ342886
CBS 429.75 L. corymbifera GQ342878
CBS 519.71 L. corymbifera GQ342889
CBS 109940 L. corymbifera GQ342881
CBS 100.28 L. hyalospora GQ342896
CBS 100.36 L. hyalospora GQ342898
CBS 102.36 L. hyalospora GQ342895
CBS 173.67 L. hyalospora GQ342893
CBS 518.71 L. hyalospora GQ342894
CBS 291.66 L. ornata GQ342891
CBS 958.68 L. ornata GQ342890
CNM-CM 4978 L. ornata GQ342892
AS 3.4808 L. ramosa GQ342867
CBS100.24 L. ramosa GQ342876
CBS100.49 L. ramosa GQ342858
CBS 223.78 L. ramosa GQ342877
CBS 271.65 L. ramosa GQ342875
CBS 582.65 L. ramosa GQ342874
CBS 649.78 L. ramosa GQ342849
CBS 124197 L. ramosa GQ342870
CBS 124198 L. ramosa GQ342848
CNM-CM 3148 L. ramosa GQ342872
CNM-CM 3590 L. ramosa GQ342869
CNM-CM 4261 L. ramosa GQ342854
CNM-CM 4337 L. ramosa GQ342852
CNM-CM 4427 L. ramosa GQ342853
CNM-CM 4537 L. ramosa GQ342873
CNM-CM 4849 L. ramosa GQ342855
CNM-CM 5111 L. ramosa GQ342871
CNM-CM 5171 L. ramosa GQ342864
CBS 420.70 L. sphaerocystis GQ342900
CBS 647.78 L. sphaerocystis GQ342899
CBS 648.78 L. sphaerocystis GQ342901
CBS695.76 D. elegans HM99995