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TableĀ 1 Statistics of each genome bin reconstructed from coculture

From: Metagenomic analysis reveals potential interactions in an artificial coculture

Group Total size (bp) No. scaffold Longestcontig (bp) N50 (bp) GC content (%) Completeness (%)a Contamination (%)a Relative abundance (%)b Species name
Group1 4,830,778 38 781,449 506,457 63.63 99.8/98.28 1.5/0 6.68 Pseudomonas stutzeri TAIHU
Group2 4,926,263 18 1,392,957 1,200,254 63.43 99.51/100 1.48/0 9.19 Mesorhizobium sp. TAIHU
Group3 3,401,077 39 976,673 479,380 49.2 100/100 0/0 84.14 Synechococcus sp. PCC7002
  1. aThe completeness and contaimnation were determined by the CheckM software, the first value before the slash was the result of lineage-specific workfow and the latter one was the result of taxonomy-specific workflow in the program
  2. bThe relative abundance was the proportion of reads on each genome bin in the total merged read, excluding paired read and the alignment was performed by the BWA software