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Table 7 Correlation coefficients between biological efficiency and lignocellulose degradation, enzyme activities

From: Biodegradation of ramie stalk by Flammulina velutipes: mushroom production and substrate utilization

Parameters Biological efficiency (%)
Lignin content—control 0.528
Lignin content—before fruiting 0.525
Lignin content—after fruiting −0.067
Cellulose content—control −0.366
Cellulose content—before fruiting −0.345
Cellulose content—after fruiting −0.386
Hemicellulose content—control 0.495
Hemicellulose content—before fruiting 0.504
Hemicellulose content—after fruiting 0.362
CMCase activity—before fruiting 0.812b
CMCase activity—after fruiting 0.834b
1,4- β-Exoglucanase activity—before fruiting 0.731a
1,4- β-Exoglucanase activity—after fruiting 0.854b
1,4-β-Glucosidase activity—before fruiting 0.930b
1,4-β-Glucosidase activity—after fruiting 0.929b
Xylanase activity—before fruiting 0.63
Xylanase activity—after fruiting 0.710a
1,4-β-Xylosidase activity—before fruiting 0.800b
1,4-β-Xylosidase activity—after fruiting 0.855b
Laccase activity—before fruiting 0.814b
Laccase activity—after fruiting 0.827b
Peroxidase activity—before fruiting 0.710a
Peroxidase activity—after fruiting 0.719a
  1. aSignificant at 0.05 level
  2. bSignificant at 0.01 level