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Table 1 The screen out genera by LEfSe belong to phylum Actinobacteria

From: Legacy effects of continuous chloropicrin-fumigation for 3-years on soil microbial community composition and metabolic activity

Sample Order Family Genus LDA score (log10)
NF Micrococcales Intrasporangiaceae Ornithinimicrobium 4.21
NF Rubrobacterales Rubrobacteriaceae Rubrobacter 4.71
NF Acidimicrobiales Acidimicrobiaceae Illumatobacter 5.91
NF Propionibacteriales Nocardioidaceae Aeromicrobium 6.26
NF Euzebyales Euzebyaceae Euzebya 4.70
NF Micromonosporales Micromonosporaceae Dactylosporangium 4.82
NF Micromonosporales Micromonosporaceae Rhizocola 4.35
NF Gaiellales Gaiellaceae Gaiella 6.05
F_1 Streptosporangiales Nocardiopsaceae Nocardiopsis 5.18
F_3 Corynebacteriales Corynebacteriaceae Corynebacterium_1 6.96
F_3 Micrococcales Brevibacteriaceae Brevibacterium 6.46
F_3 Streptosporangiales Streptosporangiaceae Nonomuraea 6.33
F_3 Micrococcales Microbacteriaceae Leucobacter 6.40
F_3 Corynebacteriales Mycobacteriaceae Mycobacterium 6.09
F_3 Streptosporangiales Thermomonosporaceae Actinomadura 5.93
F_3 Micromonosporales Micromonosporaceae Luedemannella 5.85
F_3 Pseudonocardiales Pseudonocardiaceae Pseudonocardia 5.80
F_3 Corynebacteriales Dietziaceae Dietzia 5.72
F_3 Acidimicrobiales Acidimicrobiales_Incertae_Sedis Aciditerrimonas 5.56
F_3 Corynebacteriales Nocardiaceae Rhodococcus 5.65
F_3 Kineosporiales Kineosporiaceae Angustibacter 5.48
F_3 Frankiales Frankiaceae Jatrophihabitans 4.39
F_3 Pseudonocardiales Pseudonocardiaceae Amycolatopsis 5.33
F_3 Propionibacteriales Nocardioidaceae Kribbella 4.87
F_3 Actinomycetales Actinomycetaceae Flaviflexus 5.15
F_3 Micrococcales Bogoriellaceae Bogoriella 5.19
F_3 Pseudonocardiales Pseudonocardiaceae Actinophytocola 4.77