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Table 4 Over view of the strains, enrichment culture and environmental samples tested in this study to detect pmoCA gene sequences

From: Survey of methanotrophic diversity in various ecosystems by degenerate methane monooxygenase gene primers

Name/sample Description Origin/location reference
Methylocystis rosea Pure culture
DSMZ 17621
Methylosinus sporium Pure culture
DSMZ 17706
Methylomonas lenta Pure culture
Hoefman et al. 2014
Methyloacidimicrobium fagopyrum 3C Pure culture
van Teeseling et al. 2014
Methyloacidiphilum fumariolicum SolV Pure culture
Pol et al. 2007
Methylomirabilis oxyfera (DAMO) Enrichment culture
NC10 phylum
Ooijpolder, NL
Ettwig et al. 2008
Sludge from waste water treatment plant (WW) Environmental sample Lieshout, NL
Luesken et al. (2011a, b)
Bulk soil form paddy field (BS) Environmental sample Vercelli, Italy
Vaksmaa et al. (2016)
Rhizosphere of rice plants (ROOT) Environmental sample Vercelli, Italy
Vaksmaa et al. (2016)
Enrichment culture with paddy field soil (RV) Enrichment culture Vaksmaa et al. (2016)
Volcanic mud (VM) Environmental sample Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy
Pol et al. (2014)