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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Assignment of sigma factors of RNA polymerase to promoters in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Strains Relevant characteristics Source/reference/application
E. coli
 DH5α Cloning host Hanahan (1985)
C. glutamicum
 WT ATCC 13032, wild type ATCC
 ∆sigB Deletion in sigB Larisch et al. (2007)
 ∆sigE Deletion in sigE Park et al. (2008)
 ∆sigH Deletion in sigH Zemanová et al. (2008)
 ∆sigM Deletion in sigM Nakunst et al. (2007)
 pEC-XT99A E. coliC. glutamicum expression vector, TcR, IPTG-inducible trc promoter Kirchner and Tauch (2003)
 pEKEx3 E. coliC. glutamicum expression vector, SpR, IPTG-inducible tac promoter Hoffelder et al. (2010)
 pEPR1 E. coliC. glutamicum promoter-test vector, KmR, promoterless gfpuv as a reporter Knoppová et al. (2007)
 pEPR-P2sigA pEPR1 with P2sigA This work
 pEPR-Pfba pEPR1 with Pfba This work
 pEPR-Pcg2556 pEPR1 with Pcg2556 This work
 pEPR-Pcmt1 pEPR1 with Pcmt1 This work
 pEPR-PsigB pEPR1 with PsigB This work
 pEPR-PrshA pEPR1 with PrshA This work
 pEPR-PtrxB1 pEPR1 with PtrxB1 This work
 pRLG770 E. coli vector for in vitro transcription, rrnB terminator, ApR Ross et al. (1990)
 pRLG770P2sigA pRLG770 with P2sigA This work
 pRLG770Pfba pRLG770 with Pfba This work
 pRLG770Pcg2556 pRLG770 with Pcg2556 This work
 pRLG770Pcmt1 pRLG770 with Pcmt1 This work
 pRLG770 PsigB pRLG770 with PsigB This work
 pRLG770PrshA pRLG770 with PrshA This work
 pRLG770PtrxB1 pRLG770 with PtrxB1 This work
  1. IPTG isopropyl-β-thiogalactopyranoside, Tc R tetracycline resistance, Sp R spectinomycin resistance, Km R kanamycin resistance, Ap R ampicillin resistance