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Fig. 1

From: Application of the ATP assay to rapidly assess cleanliness of spacecraft surfaces: a path to set a standard for future missions

Fig. 1

Instrument detection sensitivity of the ATP assay shown as a calibration (or standard) curve. Serially diluted ATP standard solutions were used and 15 measurements in replicates of four for each ATP concentration (n = 60) were carried out. A regression analysis using MS Excel showed r2 value as 0.99999. The coefficient of variance is shown in percentage. The ATP derived value (mmole ATP) from the standard curve based on RLU for each serially diluted ATP standard solutions are depicted. The ATP chemicals purchased from Sigma was serially diluted and frozen at −80 °C in multiple replicates. Whenever ATP assay was carried out one tube each of the dynamic range (1 × 10−11 to 1 × 10−6 mol) of detection limit of the instrument was thawed and used to generate calibration (standard) curve. For each samples of opportunity, fresh set of ATP standard solutions were used and the previously thawed solutions were discarded

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