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Fig. 4

From: Degeneration of aflatoxin gene clusters in Aspergillus flavus from Africa and North America

Fig. 4

Plot of Ka/Ks values on Y-axis based on pairwise comparisons of orthologous genes from non-aflatoxigenic genotypes with A. flavus AF13. The length of coding sequence used to calculate Ka/Ks are as follow: cypA (390 bp), aflR (334 bp), estA (345 bp), ver-1 (389 bp), vbs (332 bp), and cypX (327 bp). Since not all genes are present in all genotypes, no values are present for the aflR and estA genes in DO38-B and for the cypA and aflR genes in GO18-2. Genotypes BA16-F, EC69-E and La3304 have complete sets of genes while genotypes DO38-B and GO18-2 have partially deleted aflatoxin gene clusters

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