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Table 2 Pairwise statistical comparison of similarity (ANOSIM, 10,000 permutations) for samples from the bacterial and the archaeal sample groups respectively for a given time phase and the two reactor compartments (fermenter/post digester)

From: Process parameters and changes in the microbial community patterns during the first 240 days of an agricultural energy crop digester

  Pairs Methanogenic archaea Eubacteria
R value p value  (%) R value p value  (%)
Phase I Fermenter, post digester 0.596 0.01 0.463 0.01
Phase II Fermenter, post digester 0.012 30.70 −0.029 63.40
Phase III Fermenter, post digester 0.049 19.50 0.216 1.70
Phase IV Fermenter, post digester 0.014 29.40 0.027 25.00