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Table 5 Preference rankings calculated from the votes of fifty consumers, according to the perceived taste for each tested tequila as “good”, “regular” or “bad”

From: Improvement on the productivity of continuous tequila fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae of Agave tequilana juice with supplementation of yeast extract and aeration

Tequila Qualification given by the consumer Preference ranking
Good Regular Bad
Prepared in this work 14 17 19 95
Herradura 15 21 14 101
4 Copas 14 14 22 92
  1. “Herradura” and “4 copas” are well accepted commercial tequilas. The preference ranking of each tequila was calculated as the sum of triplicating the number of votes from consumers as “good”, duplicating “regular” votes and single “bad” votes with the following equation:Preference ranking = 3 × “good votes” + 2 × “regular votes” + 1 × “bad votes”