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Table 3 Proteins concentrations and enzymatic activities measured from cocktails mixtures (FPU, β-glucosidase, xylanase, β-xylosidase) present in the cocktails mixtures

From: Contrasted enzymatic cocktails reveal the importance of cellulases and hemicellulases activity ratios for the hydrolysis of cellulose in presence of xylans

  TR1/TR5 1/1 TR1/TR5 4/1
Proteins (g/L) 89.4 125.0
FPU (IU/mg) 0.5 0.6
β-Glucosidase (IU/mg) 10.2 7.0
Xylanase (IU/mg) 45.6 50.0
β-Xylosidase (IU/mg) 0.3 0.2