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Table 1 Genbank access of nucleotide sequences and INCQS microbial collection deposit numbers of the selected FPZSP bacterial isolates

From: Cellulolytic and proteolytic ability of bacteria isolated from gastrointestinal tract and composting of a hippopotamus

Isolates Genbank access INCQS deposit number
FPZSP 617 KT884746 P4887
FPZSP 621 KT884747 P4888
FPZSP 630 KT884748 P4889
FPZSP 631 KT884749 P4890
FPZSP 633 KT884750 P4891
FPZSP 636 KT884751 P4892
FPZSP 662 KT884753 P4894
FPZSP 663 KT884754 P4895
FPZSP 696 KT884759 P4900