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Figure 4

From: Highly conserved salt bridge stabilizes a proteinase K subfamily enzyme, Aqualysin I, from Thermus aquaticus YT-1

Figure 4

The change in CD spectra of the wild-type and mutant enzymes over a range of 0–30 min at a constant temperature. (a) Wild-type enzyme at 70°C, (b) wild-type enzyme at 80°C, (c) D17N at 70°C, (d) D17N at 80°C, (e) E237Q at 70°C, (f) E237Q at 80°C, (g), D212N at 70°C, (h), D212N at 80°C, (i) D183N at 70°C. The experimental conditions are described in the Materials and methods section.

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