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Figure 1

From: Deletion of glucose oxidase changes the pattern of organic acid production in Aspergillus carbonarius

Figure 1

Verification of deletion of the gox gene in transformant 4 and 5 (a) Disruption of gox gene and primer binding sites (b) Amplification of internal sequence with primer Gox Fw1-Rv1 and Fw2-Rv2. Lane 1–2, Δgox transformant 4; lane 3–4, Δgox transformant 5; lane 5–6, ITS sequence amplified from Δgox transformant 4 and 5; lane 7–8, internal fragments of the gox gene from the wildtype strain (~1,5 kb and 0,6 kb) (c) Amplification of the gox gene containing region with the external primers Gox Fw3 and Rv3. Lane 1–2, amplified fragments from gox transformants 4 and 5. (~6.2 kb). Lane 3, amplified fragment from wild type (~7.7 kb).

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